Mercaz Female- מרכז פימ"ל

Merkaz Female

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Please do not delay. Eating disorders are serious diseases that can lead to death.  Often having their root in other psychological issues (such as trauma or obsessive compulsive disorders), those suffering from these disorders can literally starve themselves to death in attempt to achieve what they incorrectly imagine to be a "perfect weight."  Intensive, on going treatment is essential in order to save their lives.  Our clinical staff can evaluate whether Mercaz Female can help you or your loved one on the road to recovery.

Please contact us and a member of our clinical team will contact you.

Meet Our Team

Our team is made up of highly trained, experienced and caring professionals who support our patients and their families through every stage of recovery.  Therapists are available who speak both Hebrew and English.

 Our clinical staff receives on going, intensive training from the Shahaf Institute in Tel Aviv.  They then apply their highly successful methods to our Orthodox setting.

Learn more about our staff here.

Please help us save lives!


You can partner with us to help save lives. Every amount donated helps us in our mission.  

A gift of $1,800 can sponsor treatment for one month.  A gift of $3,600 can sponsor an intensive educational program for educators.

Learn more about giving opportunities or contact us for more information.

We envision the reduction and ultimate eradication of eating disorders in Israel through education and successful treatment.

Mercaz Female saves lives through our intensive, outpatient treatment of Orthodox Jewish girls and women in the Yerushalayim area who are suffering with eating disorders. 

We aim to increase public awareness of eating disorders in order to aid in their prevention and detection.

To provide intensive, individual treatment on the highest professional level to Orthodox Jewish girls and women in the Yerushalayim area who are suffering from eating disorders and thus bring them to a full recovery.

* To provide parent counseling to the parents of our clients.
*To increase awareness of the problem of eating disorders in educational institutions in the Orthodox community.
​ *To secure sufficient funding to ensure that everyone, regardless of financial status, is able to receive the treatment they need.




We Save Lives!

Pikuach Nefesh- saving lives- is a central commandment of Judaism.  Mercaz Female fulfills this commandment by fighting eating disorders at its outpatient center in Yerushalayim.  Clients receive (in either Hebrew or English) personalized, intensive one-on-one support from psychologists, art therapists, family counselors, dietitians, and mentors.  Located in the Kiryat Moshe neighborhood (with easy access via car, train or bus), we are the only center in the area established to serve the diverse Orthodox community of Greater Yerushalyim.  We have endorsements that can be shared with those interested.  Learn how we help those who are suffering- and how you can help us to save lives.  Please explore our site and read our new brochure.